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Hello, I'm Caroline! 

Meet The Team


Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a degree in Religious Education and Youth Ministry, and is training within his church, Iglesia Bautista Central, to do God's work and will to pastor more individuals in their community. He prays that World in Motion can help more artists come to know the Lord and experience the grace of God each day. Ricardo helps write and teach for World in Motion. 


Caroline Martinez

Caroline is a graduate from Oklahoma City University with a degree in Dance Management. She is working with a dance studio in Oklahoma City, teaching and managing, while she trains in her church, Iglesia Bautista Central, to soon help her husband with planting a church. She began this organization when her heart was opened for the need of Christ in artist-communities and lives, as well as the need for the arts in other communities of the world. She prays this organization can help spread the word of God to more communities right next door or across the ocean. 

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