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For the motion Fundraiser

Mark 16:15 - And He said, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."

All Proceeds will help future endeavors for mission trips, and ministries in need of additional assistance. Shirt Sales  are happening to help raise money and awareness, and monetary donations are also accepted here. 

This fundraiser is specifically for our funds for missions, and helping young artists join mission trips to see the work God is doing in the world. These mission trips are for artists to learn this work, to learn the gospel, to learn how to use their talents in the work of the Lord, and to spread the gospel daily to people of all languages and places. 

The first uses of the funds are going to go towards mission work right here in the States. Then as we pray and hope for the growth of WIM, we will expand to partners and create relationships with others around the world who need the Gospel and need the arts. 

Right now, we have no funds for missions, and my husband and I are simply evangelizing to social media viewers, neighbors, friends, and strangers in our area of Oklahoma City. We are in need of something to help us pursue God's work to artists, and to help those who have never experienced the joy and fundamental brilliance of music and dance experience it and learn. 

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