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Arts Ministries Movement

World in Motion is not just a blog about devotionals; it’s a new movement for arts ministries. As a musician, dancer, designer, manager, and director, I have dreams of seeing more arts ministries in all of those capacities. Many think that arts ministries stop with the choir and music in church, or the praise dancers that are only at a few churches. It can go so much further if we work together.


World in Motion is a platform for assisting Christian arts ministries around the world, bring awareness to the need for arts ministries, and create safe spaces for people to worship and learn more about using the arts in worshipping God.


We hope to be able to bring attention and assistance to at least 10 Christian ministries with art programs, and plant arts ministries in areas that have none. We also aim to assist Christian artists in finding mission trips, churches, and other places to share and worship using their God-given gifts.

Current projects:

Dance clothing drive!

This drive is going towards Camp Camalote in Belize to Bethany and her Bible study group of students that come to her to learn the Bible and to learn dance. They are in need of all sizes of dance shoes and clothing, and this will also help more people get involved to learn the gospel through the Word and through dance. If you wish to help, you can send your clothes to a mailing address that I'm happy to email you if you comment below, or we accept donations for the shipping cost here through paypal found on this page. (Please label donation as Dance Clothing Drive).

Movement Exchange Photo

Move to Change Day with Movement Exchange!

Movement Exchange is a wonderful organization that teaches dance to orphanages in Panama and Brazil, and has an annual Move to Change day in October! We have partnered in this event to help them while they help WIM. As we create an event on the cruise ship and in Oklahoma, we need your help! 50% of your your donations for Move to Change will go towards Movement Exchange and the orphanage programs in those cities, 40% will go to World in Motion to help continue the movement of arts ministries by reaching out to more churches and ministries, and 10% will go towards the event itself and help make it a great experience for all involved! (Please use same page for donations found here, and please label donations as Move to Change).

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