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Busy Bee

As I might have already stated, life on board can be either really slow or really busy. My roommate is the Bingo Bee, so she knows all about that ;) I kid! There are many days where I don’t begin work until 4 in the afternoon, but then there are also days that I begin at 8:30 or have random events in the middle of the day. All days end around 11:30pm, regardless of when you start. I’ve really started to understand the importance of listening to your body when it might need sleep or food or something. Some days you desperately need to just sleep, but the trick is to not sleep your contract away. I’ve learned to only take naps when my body is telling me to please get some rest, which actually isn’t as much as when I’m just bored and want to go back to sleep. It’s just like the sayings about eating. You’re either hungry or you’re bored, don’t eat just because you’re bored.

I do spend most of my free time, though, writing devotionals and blogs, writing short stories, reading, going to the gym, listening to podcasts or learning new languages, and making wish lists. Speaking of the gym, I’ve been getting very into it lately simply because now that I can give myself the time to go and enjoy and sweat, I’m feeling so much better! I’ve shed a couple unwanted pounds since being onboard, and I’m starting to get more toned which is super cool. I’ve come up with some great workouts that I’ve been doing on rotation that have gotten me feeling a lot more awake and energetic, and been showing results! Check out this link to see it! Of course, fitness and healthy living really comes from 30% exercise and 70% what your consume. Definitely eat that protein and those veggies and good carbs.

I’m also giving myself time to do ballet barre either at the gym or onstage, or mini dance classes to keep up with my dancing and choreographing. I miss dance classes, that’s for sure. Especially tap classes. I tap a ton with my regular shoes just to keep those ankles loose, but either way.

Last night, in the crew lounge, we had Crew Karaoke which was tons of fun. I convinced my roommate, Sarah, to sing with me, and we chose to sing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” A couple friends pretended to do the lift, and everyone was singing along and had a grand time.

I’m in desperate need of a good, long lasting watch. There are a few good Fossil ones on the boat I’ve been eyeing, but I’m curious----does anyone have a brand of watch that they love?? Please let me know!

The Wifi here is pretty expensive when paying off student loans; $4 per day only for social media, and any other internet you can use minutes for a set price. But it’s fine because you can decide to either get wifi or buy snacks, and I chose wifi more than half the time. I miss my people!

Please keep in touch, and share this blog with your friends! Subscribe, comment, all the works, and please check out the shirt sale page—it runs out tomorrow and will be cancelled if not enough buy! I would love to help out the camp in Belize again with sent donations, so come and support!

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