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I Believe in Belize!

Updated: May 18, 2019

My Belize mission trip from December 2018 - January 2019!

Last Winter break, I was able to attend the Oklahoma City University's annual mission trip to Belmopan, Belize. I've never been to Belize before, and was able to witness the incredible nature and friendliness of the people.

The country is so green, and everyone respects the land and nature around them. So many areas we saw looked like what the world should look like.

While we were there, we helped with a Christian day camp for a few days, and also built a couple homes. It was long hours of work, but so worth it in the end. The people were so grateful, and the children had such a great time! For privacy, I cannot post any pictures that I took with the children, however I'll tell you that the smiles were outstanding. They also gave us great food, and even coconuts cut directly from the tree right in front of us!

Other than the wonderful mission trip experiences, we also we able to go to some Mayan Ruins as well as a small blue hole in the forest. Seeing the Lord's creation from on top of high ruins to within the caves of the jungle has changed my views on the world entirely. Everything was green, gorgeous, and made in perfect motion by God. I had the best time with some beautiful people both from OCU and Belize experiencing all of this.

The World is Not Just You.

If you've never been to a "second" or "third" world country, I definitely recommend it. You get to experience the basics of living, fullness of people and natural food, and understand how many people and animals we share the world with. I was very humbled and felt very blessed to witness the community and take part of "living like the locals." God's children there are so vibrant and life-loving, and I just pray for their safety and care. After growing up in the US, I have to admit that it is not easy living there, with hardly any electricity, water, or air conditioning. However, we saw how the people there lived with those "issues," and made the most of everything. Everyone goes at a slower pace and enjoys more. They understand values more than some others do from other countries, which is amazing to see.

Dance for Belize

After talking with a dance teacher in the camp we stayed at, God opened my heart to her and all of the children wanting to take dance class. She said there are sometimes 40 in a class, and most of them are sponsored so they don't have to pay. She loves putting recitals on, but sometimes they can't afford to have real dance clothes, shoes, or costumes, like anywhere else. I knew that that would be something that could be done with the help of my school. I started a dance clothes drive to be sent to her in Belize or everyone's dance clothes and shoes that were not being warn. I managed to fill 5 large boxes full of clothes and shoes. THANK YOU to those who helped with the drive, and for those who participated in buying shirts to help with cost of shipping. I will be selling more shirts soon and 80% of the proceeds will go straight towards the camp's dance, arts, and Bible studies. More on that soon.

Belize became a large part of my heart, and the fact that there are so many more places like that makes me want to run to them and give them all that I have. I love seeing those people excited to share their games and songs while they ask my about my life. I love hearing the children talk about their dreams about coming to the US to go to school for dance, law, or cooking. I think this is something that definitely gets discussed in our church groups, sanctuaries, or small talks, but it's not enough. Be on the look out for your church's mission trips, or where the offerings are going to in their mission funds. Don't give to simply give, give because Our Lord asks for it and because you desire to see the world just a bit bright, just a bit better.

Proverbs 19:17 "Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed."

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