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Keeping Contact

Sometimes life gets completely in the way of what we are called to do; seek the Kingdom first. Matthew 6:33 says “Seek God’s Kingdom above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need,” yet this may be the one verse that is forgotten in our everyday lives which is a real bummer because it is such a beautiful calling, and such an awesome promise! Someone recently asked me how I keep contact with my faith life on the ship that doesn’t have church or any “good” influence, and I told them that I plan to start a Bible Study and/or small groups, and I try and maintain my daily quiet time Bible reading and listen to podcasts. IT can get challenging, though, with late nights of work and then rushing in the morning to go to work again. By the afternoon when there is free time, all you want to do is sleep! So I’ve written some things that can be good to keep in contact with your faith life, and the King who created you.

Read the Bible Daily

I’m currently in the middle of the 365 day Bible reading challenge, and It helps to read One chapter from the New Testament and two from the old in the morning, and then two from the middle at night! This plan begins with one chapter a day from new testament starting with Matthew, two from Old starting with Genesis, and two from middle starting with Psalms. I’m currently in Isaiah, 2 Samuel, and Colossians. It’s fantastic!! I’m learning so much about the Bible and especially the Old Testament that I’ve never read before, or at least paid attention to. This plan helps me have a daily reminder of God’s power, justice, mercy, grace, and all of the histories within those times. Reading the Bible is also a large part of keeping the relationship fresh and intact; God wants you to hear him!


Morning Mindset

o This is a 5-minute daily podcast that gives you a great morning reminder of God, faith, and little keys to life while being a Christian. I love listening to this if I’m getting ready quickly or need a quick reminder and pick-me-up! Listen Here

God Centered Success

o This podcast is for women who are entrepreneurs, business women, or even working ladies getting the job done in whatever they’re doing! Mia Rene talks about making sure you stay maintained and focuses towards God while becoming successful in whatever you’re doing, and not to be distracted or unengaged with your walk with Christ. Listen Here

She Reads Truth

o As good as the books, these women interview others over various topics that we can use to help strengthen faith in everyday lives. They really get to the heart and discuss the Bible thoroughly while being relatable to women and men. Listen Here

David Platt

o If you don’t know this pastor, you probably should. He’s based out of DC and speaks simply the truth of the Bible. 10/10 would recommend. Listen Here

It’s important to make the time, because God loves and rewards when you open your life and let Him run it. He loves and rewards when you let Him be the center of all that you are doing. Is there anything in your life that isn’t quite letting you seek the kingdom first, whether that be people, jobs, drinking habits, immorality, etc? Pray about letting them go and opening your heart and making God and your faith take over your life. The reward is SO MUCH GREATER because it is now and forever. Think, pray, act. Keep contact with seeking the kingdom first.

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