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Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat!

It's sad how contracts come and go on ships. One minute you're having a grand time with people, and they one of their contracts ends the next cruise! That's the thing about becoming family in such a short time - it's so sad but so lovely at the same time. We all become one big family, and then you start seeing other faces that you've never seen, but then you meet them and they become part of that family. It's all very interesting.

What's interesting about this job as well is the millions of cultures you work with. So many languages here and there, so many pisano's (sorry, my Spanish and Philippino friends, that may not be spelled right), and we're all teaching each other how to speak english, Spanish, Italian, and so on. There are many from Europe, as well, and my Manchester-residing roommate might be rubbing her accent of to me on certain words, but I'm also rubbing my Texan twain to her. Just hearing about the beauties, the food, the music, and even air quality of some of these random areas of the world simply makes me want to travel more! My sound technician is from Zimbabwe, and says it has the largest (in width) waterfall, and it's actually quite a lovely and growing community. He also said that people from various countries within Africa still love their neighbors and anyone who comes to visit, especially Southern Africa, so definitely on my list and definitely should be on your list too.

Another thing about the world is the World Cup in Cricket has been playing for weeks! Ever since I arrived on the boat, the crew mess has had this cup diligently on the TV. People are so into it, if you sit in the way, they ask you to move! If you've never seen a Cricket World Cup, you might want to check it out, I'm actually getting pretty into it now. I just feel for my pals who's countries have already been docked.

I've been reading a lot while onboard. You do have much time to kill on certain cruises, without internet, and not a lot of places to explore. I think I'm going to start reviewing books for you all. My goal is to read at least 5 books during my contract.

Oh! Game time. Comment book suggestions PLEASE, and how many books you think I can finish in 5 months. Here's a tip, I've already finished 1.5 books. Once I've read 3, I'll post a blog on my reviews of the books. The first book I read (and I won't tell you which) was fabulous and must be read by many.

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Carlene Hale Sousa
Carlene Hale Sousa
26 de jun. de 2019

Caroline: Book suggestions...What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty and Big Little Lies, same author. Just fun summer reading!

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