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The Arts for Now

As we all know, the arts have taken a different type of turn in the past year. Not only did many lose jobs, but many had to figure out how to move forward. What is so amazing is we are still seeing artists push through to help each other, and the culture-scene as a whole.

When multiple tragedies happened in the past, the world came together because of the arts. Music, dance, theater brightened up a day that could probably have been the worst. People singing or dancing in the street simply because they have nothing left to give or do. We even see that in the Bible when there was nothing left but for David to sing to the Lord His praise, and even when he was repenting and lamenting.

The arts are a trigger and a response.

Some of the coolest things we've witnessed is singing and playing instruments with neighbors across balconies in various countries such as Italy, using empty streets to dance to show a little hope to other dancers that you are not alone, and creating new ways to form performances on the computer! I'm thrilled to say that we've also seen the arts continue to be used as a light for the Gospel in this way - music being creating reflecting the Lord and for the Lord, dancers praising His name in their dancing, and more!

As World in Motion, and as a dancer and musician myself, I am encouraged to continue striving to help get the arts in a Gospel-centered way to every corner of the world. Are you with us?! If so, please Join and see the awesome ways to impact this world using your God-given gifts. (Anyone can subscribe, not just artists.)

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