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The Priority

On Sunday and Monday, March 7 and 8, I attended the North American Mission Board's "Who's Your One?" Conference here in Oklahoma City. I can't begin to say how thankful I am for the entire organization, and this movement that they are doing to spread the gospel. I also would like to add that the way I view the Gospel (which was always in awe and joyful and worship to the Lord) has even grown to a deeper level of love and adoration for the Lord.

Who's Your One is a mission that has all church members select their "one" to pray for, evangelize to, and disciple. Obviously, we all should hope to bring in more than one, but for practical and started positions, this is a great idea.

I wanted to take a moment and share a few highlights from my notes I took so you all can see what it was all about. Please note that everything below is from the speakers at the Who's Your One conference and not my words.

On Sunday evening, Pastor Johnny Hunt stated that we only see people in actuality when we really need to see people with possibility. What does that mean? We might look at someone and think, oh I don't want to invite them to church, when actually God might already be moving them.

"Seeing people with possibility instead of actuality"

We need to be reminded that results are up to God. This was something stated a lot by all speakers: We are simply sharing what we know because we LOVE what we know, and leaving the rest to God. There is NO HEART He cannot help.

The next day, Pastor Stephan Rummage began with 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 which is essentially one of the best passages that plainly states the gospel, and God's 3 priorities established:

- Proclaiming the Gospel

- Receiving the Gospel

- Embracing the Gospel

I won't go into too much detail, but that right there says it all, and it's all encased in these verses. We are called not just to study the Gospel, but to share the Gospel. Seeds are meant to be sown! He said, "the gospel has so much more power when it is planted in someone's heart" and that is fact. When people hear the gospel, and they receive it, their lives' change. There is a transformation in your heart, mind, and soul when you receive and embrace, "hold fast," to the gospel day in and day out. Listen to this quote of Pastor Rummage:

"When you dive into a pool you won't be wetter than you already are, but you can sure swim a lot deeper."

Another key thing that the next speaker, Catherine Renfro, brought up is that the Gospel is not about us. She gave us 5 practical things to keep in mind when thinking about sharing the Gospel:

  1. Remember your purpose: Knowing Him and Making Him Known.

  2. Pray for Opportunities to Share

  3. Begin Seeing People / Slow Down --> Care for people's eternity the way Jesus does.

  4. Listen for Opportunities to Start Gospel Conversations

  5. Share Your Stories --> it will encourage others.

Aren't these great?! All you have to do is share what you know (1 Cor 15:3-4).

The next two speakers, Pastor Jordan Easley and Pastor Willy Rice, discussed the church's movements as a body, especially with COVID last year and how we can Go to the People and Reimagine how to do some things to help share the gospel. The priority is through everything that it is about personal evangelism. There shouldn't be any care about "numbers," fun social events or even becoming Insta-famous if there's no Gospel. They encouraged us to go back to the basics with the Bible and get away from fame and glory hunting. Mega churches aren't having a mega influence. Pastor Rice questioned everyone and said, "if you lost your internet, your building, your social media, your event space, would you keep evangelizing, sharing the gospel, encouraging and meeting as a church body?"

"God doesn't want you to be successful, He wants Jesus to be glorified."

It's all about the priority, Knowing Him and Making Him Known. Please see NAMB for more information about Who's Your One, and even if you're not in a church family just yet, but you'd like to choose your one, start praying for them and start praying to God asking for opportunities to share with them. It's their eternity at stake!

Eternity is too long to be wrong.

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