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Waves for Days

Things have been pretty decent here onboard, life is starting to get easier now that I (kind of) know my way around on the ship and also know what I’m doing (for the most part) with my job details. During the day on seadays, we have various little performances that we focus on such as Storytime with Seuss, Clue, and other presentations for the guests with the Cruise Director. I’m currently Tech on Duty which is essentially an “on-call” position with a nifty Cisco work phone and a larger daytime schedule during the cruise. Each technician switches off so we each get turns being free during the day on port days and being onboard as the technician to help with random things around each area of the ship.

As for going out, I FINALLY was able to get lunch with some gal pals of mine in Amber Cove for a great lunch at Cococaña. My meal was Caribbean Shrimp Gumbo and fried plantains. Holy smokes. This meals was FABULOUS. The others got Coconut Shrimp which was also a no-game meal, like wow. 10/10 recommend this place when you go to Amber Cove. We were only able to get off for those couple hours, but walking to and from the boat we were able to step into a lovely coffee shop for a quick buzz and some free wifi. The people were very lovely and sell all types of treats, coffee, and coffee beans. They also have lovely candles and other things made from coffee! It was beautiful, and truly a delight to see something other than the theater lounge in the boat.

I also stepped off for a tad to do my devotional before going to work in Grand Turk. This is mainly a beach town that has the ever-famous Jack Shack, but my favorite part so far: free lounge chairs and shades. I parked myself and read Galatians under shade and palm trees early morning before thousands of people flooded the area. Quite lovely, and next time I get off I will be entering the water and going to other places because I will have more time (yay).

Being on the ship does get awfully lonely, and you most get going and get routines of not sitting and sleeping in your cabin, which can be tempting at times. We work such long hours all day and night, so sleeping when you can is a beautiful thing (talk about mastering a twenty minute nap here and there), however I was warned that your contract can pass you by if all you do is work and sleep. I vow to not let that happen. As much work there is to do and keep up with, there are also other things to do. For me, it’s writing for this blog, continuing to write devotionals or do my own, gym and yoga, read, continue to map out my organization of World in Motion (which by the way, Camp Camalote in Belize finally received the last of the dance clothing donations and they are THRILLED! Pictures coming soon!), and budgeting to make sure I can purchase wifi when I need or want to in order to talk to my lovely man or family and friends.

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