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What We Do









Our first mission and purpose is to Glorify God. We believe He is worthy of all praise, Lord of all, Maker of Heaven and Earth. 

Our vision is to not only assist people in hearing the gospel, or learning the arts, but also to raise money to financially support those who wish to apply for higher education in ministry or the arts, mission trips, and more. Scholarships like these are a few years, if not more, away, and that is why we hope to apply for our 501(c)3 in the upcoming 2 years to apply for grants, funding and more to make this become a reality. 

We are artists who create art; visual, performing, anything. Our goal is to share the gospel through the arts, and help other artists know how they can use their talents for the glory of God. We currently teach music and dance private lessons, hoping to create our own family studio and one day professional performing company.  

We hope to enable people to teach the Gospel and the arts in their own communities after working and learning from World in Motion.

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