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Understanding Your Place

How are we supposed to travel from one day to the next, one state or country to the next, without knowing and appreciating the present moment?

Welcome to the journey. When you travel, you probably make so many plans that you'd be ready for anything thrown your way. Or you don't make plans because you're free-spirited and just like to "wing it." Sometimes I agree that you need both kinds of trips. However, when analyzing the next steps, when analyzing the future, the next day, the next year, how often do you remember to analyze the right now? The present time? This doesn't have to just apply to traveling, this could apply to all of our everyday lives. God is so excited for our lives to unfold and for us to use the passions and talents He's given us, however He also wants us to remember that the place you are in right now matters too, just as much.

Matthew 6:34 says, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today." (NLT Version, WEB) IT's pretty amazing that while we are on this journey called life, we still are in a present moment that we can enjoy. Enjoy!

I have a very bad habit of placing way too much on my plate while planning for the next thing. I'm currently about to graduate college (Praise God), start a quick gig on a cruise line, then some other next step which is unknown at the moment. The in-between now and graduation has far too many things happening, though, which is a complete bummer because I feel like I'm suffocating trying to get good grades (at least get grades and finish assignments), be (somewhat) healthy by still doing yoga or exercise daily, work my three jobs, and try to spend quality time with my brilliant boyfriend and wonderful friend. I also have to pray, "God, help!! I don't think I can do all of this because I need to be preparing for the future!" But hold up. God's answer is usually, "That's because I've already blessed your future. You need to focus on the now and take things one step at a time for the present time." Well, shoot. That makes a whole lot of sense.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is before we go on the journey around the globe, we must begin by understanding where we are right now; physically, literally, spiritually, etc. Where are you in your life? Do you not know because you've been paying too much attention to the future? Yes, I understand, my friend.

While you continue throughout your day, or evening, (whatever time it is when you read this) think about now. Think about where you are in your relationships now, your home now, all before you plan the rest of your life that God has already taken care of.

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