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Why Dance Matters

There are so many people called to disciple, to work for the glory of God, yet they might not be the pastor or the director of music at their church. Gifts from God come in all shapes in sizes, and for many in the world, that gift is dance and music. Dance can be used to praise God and thank Him for the body we are given.

"Let the praise his name in the dance. Let them sing praises to him with tambourine and harp." -Psalm 149:3

Dance is also the universal language, and I recently saw this during a celebration of India Independence Day a few days ago. Many crew members from India were dancing and celebrating, and I was able to learn their dances and celebrate with them. It was so wonderful to experience their way of dance and being excited, and that was a way we could essentially communicate. I believe that because of this phenomenon of being able to experience and share dance throughout the nations, we can do the same through dance by sharing the Word of God, and it starts with simple prayers and faith.

I will be starting another dance clothing drive for our friends in Belize, and soon more friends around the world. This camp in Belize teaches the Bible through Bible study, and then teaches dance to many children and teens within the village. Dance has become their way of interacting with a good Christian environment, and this is not the only place in the world like that. Please sent me a message through the Contact page if you would like the address to send clothes to, or where you can bring clothes and dance shoes to.

I will also be starting another T-shirt drive to raise donations for the camp in Belize, and for World in Motion to continue growing and reaching out to other ministries around the world. Please see this page for that if you would like to donate, or this page for the T-Shirt sales. LEt's change the world one step at a time!

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